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HUST Leaders Head a Delegation to Conduct Research in the Universities, Enterprises and Government of Jiangsu Province

by Anonymous    from School Office
Translated by Kang Xiaoyun;    edited by Zhen Yanhua
Time: 2016-11-16 14:52:14    Click: 920

To deepen reform, from November 8 to 11, 2016, the General Secretary of HUST Zhao Guogang, Vice President Fang Wenbin, Human Resources Director Zhang Fengbin and School Office Director Liu Xia and the relevant staff conducted research and survey in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Normal University and Hohai University.

On November 8, Zhao Guogang conducted research in Jiangsu Wanxing Co., Ltd (the biggest resin lens producer in Asia), Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd (national high-tech enterprise in designing, researching, producing of carbon fiber and compound material). He also visited HUST(Danyang) Transofrmation of Scientific Achievement and Talent Exchange Center. After the visit, Zhao Guogang and the delegate carried out discussion on strengthening the cooperation between university and enterprises and realizing mutual development. During the forum, leaders in Danyang relevant department briefly introduced the reform and development of Danyang. Zhao Guogang praised the achievements of Danyang highly and expected the long-term cooperation between HUST and Danyang.

On November 9, the delegate visited Nanjing Normal University and received warm welcome from Presidend Hu Minqiang. Discussion on two-level of university and school management system reform, talent management system and human resource reform was carried out among relevant staff. In the afternoon, HUST delegate visited Hohai University and held discussion with Vice General Secretary Guo Jichao and the head of School Office and Human Resource Department. Zhao Guogang hoped that further innovation and development of HUST could be promoted through the research. 

On November 10, invited by Nanjing Alumni, Zhao Guogang visited Nanjing Zhongchao New Material Co., Ltd whose owner is Chen Youfu, the Secretary General of Nanjing Alumni and the graduate of HUST. Zhao Guogang appreciated the achievement of the enterprise of HUST alumni and expected the communication, exchange and further development between HUST and the enterprises of alumni. In the afternoon, the delegate went to Beijing for further consultation and held discussion with the alumni in Beijing.  

The schedule of the visit is packed with research and survey. Through survey, HUST can learn from other universities and acquaint with the policy of local municipalities and the marketing mode. 

 HUST delegate visiting Jiangsu Wanxin Co., Ltd
HUST delegate visiting Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd

HUST delegate visiting Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd
HUST delegate visiting HUST(Danyang) Transformation of Scientific Achievement and Talent Exchange Center

HUST delegate held discussion with the leaders in Danyang


General Secretary Zhao Guogang delivering a speech

HUST delegate visiting Nanjing Normal University
General Secretary Zhao Guogang delivering a speech in Hohai University

HUST delegate visiting Hohai University
HUST delegate visiting the enterprise of the alumni



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