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HUST Takes the 2nd Place in the 2nd CCTV Russian Contest

by Chang Ying    from School of Foreign Languages
Translated by Wei Xutao;    edited by Chen Fuming
Time: 2016-11-15 10:11:07    Click: 1651

On November 2, after a series of fierce but excellent competitions, the final of the 2nd CCTV Russian Contest (also known as “Beat and Beat”) ended in the 3rd concert hall of CCTV. As one of the six finalist teams (as well as the only team from an engineering university), HUST delegation took a close second by a margin of four points behind the delegation of Beijing Foreign Studies University, beating delegations from Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai International Studies University and Heilongjiang University.

It is probably worth pointing out that there is a lagging behind of at least half a century between HUST and any of the above six universities taking part in the final of this Contest in the history of  Russian Department. Besides, the four players of HUST delegation, i.e. Ma Heping and Liu Chang from Class 2, Grade 2013, Kang Liying, a postgraduate of Grade 2016 and Natasha, a Russian undergraduate from International Student Class, Grade 2013 of School of International Culture & Education,were the youngest at average age among all 6 delegations. During the time of preparation for this Contest, they obtained substantial supports from HUST’s Department of Teaching Affairs, School of Graduates, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Culture & Education, Publicizing Department of CPC Communication, Office of University Affairs, and other corresponding departments.

There were altogether four segments in the Contest, namely, group imitation, video dubbing, individual imitation and vocabulary PK. Under the instruction of Vice Director Xu Pei from Russian Department and Alexei Markov, one of the most famous host and drama actors in Russia, the HUST players succeeded in scoring the highest on the first and third segments and the second on the second segment, and were invited to be guests on Channel One Russia, together with the delegation of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Zhou Jihong, deputy director of International exchange department, SGAPPRFT, Jiang Heping, chief inspector of CCTV International Channel, Ding Yong, chief inspector of CCTV Russian Channel, and Dmitri Borisov, general producer of Channel One Russia’s Global Network Company, attended the final, which will be broadcast by both CCTV Russian Channel and Channel One Russia, at the end of this December. (Photos by Chang Ying)


HUST delegation on the scene of the final
HUST players and instructors taking photos after the prize presentation
Jury of the contest
HUST player in the individual imitation
HUST player in the group imitation

HUST players and instructors composing VCR

HUST players and instructors collecting inspirations from outside
Vice President Liu Shenghui welcoming the delegates back to HUST


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